666-The Mark of the Beast

Who would believe it?

I went to Loftus Hall in Co Wexford yesterday. It is the house in the South East of Ireland where the devil shot through the roof one dark night many years ago. You can visit and take a tour – which I did. The location is rural and wildly beautiful – particularly on a windy grey cold day like yesterday. The waves made foam and their violence shuddered and crashed all around. I loved it. We took the tour!

I already knew that the house is 666 years old this year, but the strangest thing happened the moment I turned off the road on to the driveway to the house:

I had to take a photo – no one would believe me otherwise. My fuel tank showed I had 666 km to drive. I couldn’t believe it! Who would?

Its very difficult to see because exactly at that moment a ray of sunshine came out to skupper my attempt to show you!

So, I took another photo closer up:

I moved forward a little and took another one, but in the second photo, you can see the metre reads 666. Ha!

Truth is stranger than fiction!

I’m at the top of the driveway. If you know the house, you will recognise it. Loftus Hall can be seen to the right of the first photo.

It was great! The dank, dreary weather added to the atmosphere. The house was cold – particularly in one room. Our tour guide, Sarah (excellent guide, by the way) made the visit interesting, informative and fun. She told us that the guard dog goes everywhere – except into that particular room. Strange, no? Its cold and dark, but he must sense something in there.

Here is a link to Loftus Hall where you can book a tour:-

Loftus Hall House Tour