The Weird Wonderful Mysterious Co. Wexford


So, guys, we are extremely excited to be beginning our journey with Mysterious Holidays. Mysterious Holidays is the latest booking platform for all types of haunted, spooky and different attractions.

As I was growing up, I listened to stories about Loftus Hall in Co Wexford – a stranger calling on a dark stormy night, how he fell in love with the daughter of the house, how during a card game the cloven foot of the beast was discovered attached to a guest – and how he disappeared through the roof of the house leaving a hole which has been open ever since. The story always intrigued me – and frightened the living daylights out of me. It came between me and my sleep when we came on visits to Wexford. The fear of the devil finding me was always there – or he could have been looking at me through the window – scary scary stuff!

Loftus Hall became a hotel years later and I was down there so many times – I looked for the hole in the roof – and for any signs of spooks or hauntings. There’s loads of history about the Loftus family and the house they built. I found out as much as I could and my interest grew.

When I grew older, mysterious, scary stories intrigued and interested me more and more. I read everything I could find on subjects such as hauntings, witches, ghosts and ghoolies. The fear / love of my interest developed and I started looking for more information. I have found so many haunted castles with stories, spooky corners – murders, graveyards with attitude, the banshee, pukka and celtic lore.

As time went on, I collected stories and started a journey of finding as much information as I could on fun aspects as well as scary parts of the mysterious. I discovered hauntings and stories from all over the world – fantastic stuff! The kind of stuff that all ages can enjoy.

I found so many people with similar interests as me – it became apparent when searching that all the locations and attractions were disjointed – there was no one platform where they could be found …. so the idea grew and Mysterious Holidays was born!

We want to find others who share our interest in the paranormal, spooky stories – along all the scale – fun and quirky to terrifying and blood curdling!

Please visit Mysterious and share stories and experiences with us. We are on Facebook – Mysterious Holidays and Twitter – @mysterioushols. Everything to do with quirky happenings interests us and we would love to hear your experiences and thoughts and ideas!

Our first attraction, the Loftus Hall of my childhood have joined forces with us on Mysterious Holidays. The tour is legend. Situated on the Hook Peninsula amongst magnificent views of land and sea, it is so worth a visit. We would love to bring you to visit, hear of your experiences there and any others you may have.

We will be bringing you along on our journey as we grow … watch here for more! We are so excited about this venture! Now I can’t sleep with excitement about what will happen next!

Scare ya later…..Spooks!