Cobh Ghost Walk

All Cobh is demented! That was one of the first things from the mouth of the tour guide. Wow!
John Flynn, your guide is passionate about unearthing stories in his town – and he has unearthed quite a few. His enthusiasm for the history is infectious and this tour leaves a memory – that’s for sure!
Underneath the cathedral in Cobh is a secret! Once, it was used as a prison. Can you believe that? The house of God was used to incarcerate people for such things as stealing to feed a family, or to quell hunger pangs. People were locked up for reasons which today we would consider inhumane in the extreme – and the conditions the poor wretches were kept in were animalistic.
You will hear of how bones were found shackled to walls. You will hear of the cold hand!
The story of the Lusitania disaster and the Titanic disaster and their legacy to the town will be brought to life.
A mile a minute is how to describe this hour long walk (which may stretch longer) and the stories of the town and its ghostly inhabitants.
John Flynn started the tour in 2012 and in the beginning, only locals took it – the cathedral crypt had been closed and they had been locked out for so long that they flocked to see it and hear John’s stories.
The prison closed in 1895 but paranormal investigators have said the whole crypt is still active.
Over 2,000 children between the ages of twelve and sixteen were incarcerated in the prison for very little – being hungry and stealing bread would have been one of their crimes.
John tells us that he thinks the souls who died in the prison have urged him on to tell their story. Every time he decided not to try to find out more, he found information which he had to act upon.

Tour Details:

Discretion advised for younger children. The town is hilly and has a lot of steps and is not wheelchair accessible.

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