Cork Ghost Tours

Tremble and quake as we take a trip through Cork’s Ghostly past. This old city has seen plenty of ghastly characters stalk its streets down through the years. Meet the Grave-robbers, Ghosts and Ghouls, Headless Coachmen and the Murdered Servants who float up from the River Lee. This city tour will show you how trouble lurks around every street corner, never knowing where the next spook will appear! Be careful what you wish for, because the Cork Ghost Tour will set your pulse racing while you explore the city streets.

Cork Day Tours brings you on a bone-chilling adventure through its city streets. Cork has a fascinating and gruesome history, with Restless Spirits that roam free at night, trying to tell their tales of woe to all they come in contact with. This family friendly tour is a great way to see Cork City in a different light, with a trip through Cork’s history, through the times when life was cheap but the butter was expensive.

Learn about how Charles Dickens came to town and stole a ghostly Cork tale, as well as the wealthy but cruel ladies who thought little of murdering their poor lowly servants. The streets are filled with toiling, uneasy spirits. The Midnight Monks who refuse to go home, the poor souls who were hung for stealing bread, as well as the fevered Nun that can never rest in this old Cork, a city of great wealth and desperate poverty. You may well meet them all on this dark stroll through Cork’s vile and brutal past.

This is a tour of Cork City like no other. Delve into Cork’s dark past, which is brought to life in front of you. Let us take you back a few hundred years to a Cork of wealth for the few and squalor for the majority. With ghoulish tales recounted in front of the Shandon Bells and its twisting winding streets. You may soon see spirits appearing at every turn as the terrifying tales are brought to life in front of your very eyes.

The Cork Ghost Tour is an interactive and engaging city tour that is guaranteed fun for all the family. You can learn so much of the city’s old history, in this spooky and fun educational tour. You never know who you will meet next on this enthralling tour of one of Ireland’s oldest cities. Keep your wits about you, or you might be the next tragic victim to join Cork’s army of other worldly spirits.

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