Two spirits in a bar – a mother and baby (apart from the spirits in the bar itself).
A Banshee who combs her hair with a red or gold comb – if you see it, do not pick it up!
In the Bull Ring. Hear about 1649 when Oliver Cromwell attacked the town of Wexford and see where the bones of some of the slaughtered people lie to this day!
In 1798 pitch capping came to Wexford – hear why they took up this practice. Ghosts connected with this practice roam the area still!
The Death Coach trundled along the Main Street – rattling en-route to the graveyards with souls to go ‘up or down’.
Selskar – destroyed as one of the seven churches in four days by Cromwell ends this interesting walking tour of the town of Wexford.
The tour ends interestingly! You will have to take it to see!

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