Terms and Conditions

1. Any persons under 18 may have to be accompanied by an adult dependent upon the establishment rules.

2. At Mysterious Holidays all our clients are valuable to us and every effort is made to make our event accessible to all. However the conditions of some locations may not be suitable for clients with disabilities. Safety is of extreme importance to us and additional information regarding our locations can be  obtained from us on 089 25522708 or 089 2522732.

3. Access to our locations are at your own risk. Come if you dare.

4. Each client will act responsibly and respect the needs of others. You will not cause injury or harm to anyone else or put yourself or anyone else in danger. You will respect the nature of the event and behave accordingly. If applicable, when leaving the event after 10pm you will ensure that due to the hour you will respect the needs of nearby residents by leaving quietly and quickly.

5. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on  any event with Mysterious Holidays. If any person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or is suspected of bringing either alcohol or drugs to the event they will be asked to leave immediately and will not be refunded for any part of monies paid for the event. Staff at the event will use their discretion and have the decision to evict anyone they consider to be behaving badly. The only exception will be where alcohol is served.

6. Each venue will have its own terms and conditions, please ensure you are familiar with the one you are attending.

7. Mysterious Holidays will not allow any person to smoke indoors or allow anyone to smoke or use naked flames at any event – including candles or matches.

8. No sleeping facilities exist at any of our events. If needed, we suggest you bring a cushion or blanket when on vigil.

9. No responsibility will be accepted by Mysterious Holidays or any loss or damage to property or personal equipment. This includes en route to the event, during the event or en route home. This will include damage caused by spiritual or poltergeist activity.

10. Each client attends the event at their own risk. No liability for any accident or incident to a client however it is caused will be accepted by Mysterious Holidays. Mysterious Holidays endeavors to foresee potential problems and hazards to eradicate them. Due to the nature of events and locations, mis-haps may still happen. It is necessary for clients to have third party public liability insurance.

11. By agreeing with these terms and conditions, you indemnify Mysterious Holidays, promoters from all legal liability, damage, costs or proceedings of any kind.

12. In the unlikely event of an event being cancelled, you will be refunded your payment. Every effort will be made to ensure that you are made aware of any cancellation.

13. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate clothing is worn.

14. Information requested by us, such as names, addresses, or contact telephone numbers is sensitive and will not be used for any purpose other than for Mysterious Holidays as per data protection laws.

15. Mysterious Holidays hold events at locations that have demonstrated paranormal activity. Mysterious Holidays accept no responsibility for what may occur as a result of paranormal activity.

16. These terms and conditions are subject to Irish law.

17. Mysterious Holidays endeavors to ensure that time spent at our locations is fruitful and rewarding.

18. Cancellations by Mysterious Holidays is at our discretion. When necessary to cancel an event, you will be notified as soon as reasonably possible. Full refund will be given or you will have the option to move your booking to another event.

19. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you are able to make the event date. Mysterious Holidays cannot offer a refund or transfer places for inability to attend. Our locations are paid in advance and therefore refunds cannot be made.

20. Any photo posted to our Facebook page must have the permission of the copyright owner.

21. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

22. Deposit payments will secure your place or places but the balance should be made at least two weeks prior to the event. In the event that the balance is not received by the due date, Mysterious Happenings have the right to re-sell your places and retain any deposit payment already received.