Charleville Castle

has a host of ghosts. Children are still heard in the nursery, A friendly, but mischievous spirit plays with visitors to the Red Room, locking them in and shutting them out.
An English woman calls at night. If you visit, you may see or hear one of the resident ghosts – be prepared! The castle which was built in 1798 has much history. Informed and interesting guides will take the visitor through. The ceilings are magnificent – restored areas of the castle show it in all the glory of yesteryear.
“Charleville Castle Heritage Trust” runs the castle now. It was set-up in 1994. The Charleville Castle Heritage Trust is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation managed by Dudley Stewart with a team of core volunteers. The day-to-day running is handled by volunteers, who come from different countries including France, Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, as well as other parts of Ireland to help out at the castle. The aims are the restoration and the sustainable conservation of the building.

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